Will Virtual Reality be Successful?

Back in the early 2000’s, virtual reality seemed like it was a long way before it could become consumer friendly. It always was known to be one of those things that would be seen in science-fiction movie along with flying cars and hover boards, but now it has become a reality. The first head mounted “virtual reality” headset was introduced in 1960. It was called the “Telesphere Mask”. This headset allowed users to watch films without any motion tracking a provided stereoscopic 3D. Fast-forward to today where we have multiple VR headsets releasing from a variety of companies, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PS VR, etc… Although these devices may seem extremely interesting the true question is, will they be successful? Of course we can’t tell the future, but with the information we are given about these devices we sure can speculate. Let’s start off with a reason as to why it may fail. Number one being, its price. Many people that want to try VR are people who want to enjoy video games in an all new experience, and being a gamer myself, I can vouch that many of us want the best bang for our buck. Seeing that the cheapest headset you can buy is $600 USD, it already has people turning away. I understand that technology like this doesn’t come cheap, but maybe they should have held off releasing such things until the prices became more user friendly. Not only do you have to buy the headset, but you also need a powerful enough PC to run the games. That will total to around $1750 USD easily. Now a reason as to why it may be successful. That being the sales. PSVR has already sold out and no more pre orders can be done. The reason why this VR headset is more successful than its competitors is simply because it is cheaper than its competitors, in a certain light. This headset won’t require a $750+ PC, but if you have a PS4, it will run fine.



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