My Views on Online Surveillance

Online surveillance is a serious matter that has been an issue ever since the internet was first invented. Many people despise it and think no good comes of it. Although, some people may argue that it protects people in the sense that people are caught before they do their criminal action. This may be true in some cases, but still doesn’t excuse the fact that our webcams on our laptops can be bypassed, our phone calls can be tapped into, etc… Having some form of backdoor to access other peoples private information should be illegal. Seeing as this information can be accessed without the user’s content, and also can be easily sold without the user ever knowing. This is also how people can receive spam emails from people they have not given their email address to. This is also the reason why someone may get multiple phone calls from companies offering their duct cleaning services. With the direction this is headed, chances are people will not be able to browse the internet without having some sort of 3rd party software or even physical hardware without having someone watching their every move. This may seem like a conspiracy theory, but this like this happen all the time. People just need to do their own research in order to understand the concept of it and not rely on media or information from other people.



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