Computers & Their Importance

There are many things that computers are known for. They can be used to process documents for school projects, help businesses organize their information (such as customer numbers/names, revenue for the month, items in stock, etc…), watching and producing videos, the list practically endless. Computers have become such a norm in our daily lives that it could be considered odd not to see one at somebody’s home. Computers have made businesses a lot more efficient and easy to maintain. In schools, computers can help students comprehend basic concepts a lot easier with the help of video visuals and audio to get a better perspective on a certain matter rather than having teacher explain a lesson through words and drawings on a board. Not only do computers help the students, but they have a big effect on the teacher and Profs as well. The reason being, teachers have access to other work that has been created for students by other Profs, therefore, they can expand on their ways of teaching and try to accommodate for all types learning. Seeing as not all students learn the same way, some can learn thought the simplicity of words, while others may need a more of a visual to understand concepts. Today, almost everything you do can be done with the use of computers. Things such as being able to read books/newspapers/articles, ordering food online, contacting friends and family overseas, listening to music, watching videos/movies. All these can be done through a computer. Although, some may argue that this will make humans very reliant on computers and technology, we should also always have knowledge on how to do these things without the use of computers.


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