My Views on Online Surveillance

Online surveillance is a serious matter that has been an issue ever since the internet was first invented. Many people despise it and think no good comes of it. Although, some people may argue that it protects people in the sense that people are caught before they do their criminal action. This may be true in some cases, but still doesn’t excuse the fact that our webcams on our laptops can be bypassed, our phone calls can be tapped into, etc… Having some form of backdoor to access other peoples private information should be illegal. Seeing as this information can be accessed without the user’s content, and also can be easily sold without the user ever knowing. This is also how people can receive spam emails from people they have not given their email address to. This is also the reason why someone may get multiple phone calls from companies offering their duct cleaning services. With the direction this is headed, chances are people will not be able to browse the internet without having some sort of 3rd party software or even physical hardware without having someone watching their every move. This may seem like a conspiracy theory, but this like this happen all the time. People just need to do their own research in order to understand the concept of it and not rely on media or information from other people.



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Consoles vs. PC. Which One Should You Buy?

The argument over console versus computers for gaming has been going on for what feels like forever. People can’t seem to come to any sort of agreement. Just like Apple vs Android, there are die-hard fans on either side that will defend their side, no matter the cost. I am not here to tell you which one is better, but which one you as a consumer should buy. There are many factors that can go into making this decision. One of the biggest factors are your budget. If you are a college student who owns rents an apartment and have a part-time job, your best bet is to get a console. The reason being, you don’t have much time to play games. Buying a console will make it easier for the consumer to simply get on and play and not have to worry about wiring your hardware together, then downloading the latest patches/updates, and all the other things that come into play when building and maintaining a PC. On the other hand, if you are a gaming enthusiast and have enough knowledge and a big enough budget, buying a gaming computer might be the better option for you. People that argue that consoles have better graphics than computers are wrong, so if you are looking to buy a device that gets you the best quality and frames per second, you defiantly should be looking at getting a PC. In the end, in my opinion, the two cannot be compared. Simply because they both target a different audience.


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Video Games & Aggression

The gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. The reason behind this is simple. Technology is becoming more efficient and cheaper by the days, making tech such as gaming computers and consoles more accessible and affordable to the general public. With this in mind, children are asking their parents to buy them something they can play video games on. While some parents mindlessly buy it for their child, others are more cautious and aware with what they buy for their children. A lot of the “triple A” games that are coming out today could be considered extremely violent and not suitable for children’s eyes. Games such as Grand Theft Auto, The Witcher 3, Battlefield, are all examples of games that should only be played by people over the age of 18. Games such as these are advertised all over the internet, making it hard to hide from children who are underage. These same people then go to their parents and ask for the game. Some parents don’t think it matters what video games they buy they’re kids and some do. This is where the problem kicks in. Although, the parents that do not mind what their child plays can be right in a sense as long as they make sure that their child understands everything that the game involves and teach them that it is just a video game and the actions done in it should not be done in real life, but there are also parents who simply don’t care what they get their kids, as long as it makes them be quite and leave them alone. Personally, I believe that you cannot blame parents for letting their children play violent games, as long as they make sure their kid understands it is just a game. For the parents that mindlessly buy their children whatever they want, they have the issue of not trying to take care of their kid which results in much worse things than aggression over video games. Although violent video games can cause aggression, there is not enough evidence that these games cause criminal acts.



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Computers & Their Importance

There are many things that computers are known for. They can be used to process documents for school projects, help businesses organize their information (such as customer numbers/names, revenue for the month, items in stock, etc…), watching and producing videos, the list practically endless. Computers have become such a norm in our daily lives that it could be considered odd not to see one at somebody’s home. Computers have made businesses a lot more efficient and easy to maintain. In schools, computers can help students comprehend basic concepts a lot easier with the help of video visuals and audio to get a better perspective on a certain matter rather than having teacher explain a lesson through words and drawings on a board. Not only do computers help the students, but they have a big effect on the teacher and Profs as well. The reason being, teachers have access to other work that has been created for students by other Profs, therefore, they can expand on their ways of teaching and try to accommodate for all types learning. Seeing as not all students learn the same way, some can learn thought the simplicity of words, while others may need a more of a visual to understand concepts. Today, almost everything you do can be done with the use of computers. Things such as being able to read books/newspapers/articles, ordering food online, contacting friends and family overseas, listening to music, watching videos/movies. All these can be done through a computer. Although, some may argue that this will make humans very reliant on computers and technology, we should also always have knowledge on how to do these things without the use of computers.


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Will Virtual Reality be Successful?

Back in the early 2000’s, virtual reality seemed like it was a long way before it could become consumer friendly. It always was known to be one of those things that would be seen in science-fiction movie along with flying cars and hover boards, but now it has become a reality. The first head mounted “virtual reality” headset was introduced in 1960. It was called the “Telesphere Mask”. This headset allowed users to watch films without any motion tracking a provided stereoscopic 3D. Fast-forward to today where we have multiple VR headsets releasing from a variety of companies, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PS VR, etc… Although these devices may seem extremely interesting the true question is, will they be successful? Of course we can’t tell the future, but with the information we are given about these devices we sure can speculate. Let’s start off with a reason as to why it may fail. Number one being, its price. Many people that want to try VR are people who want to enjoy video games in an all new experience, and being a gamer myself, I can vouch that many of us want the best bang for our buck. Seeing that the cheapest headset you can buy is $600 USD, it already has people turning away. I understand that technology like this doesn’t come cheap, but maybe they should have held off releasing such things until the prices became more user friendly. Not only do you have to buy the headset, but you also need a powerful enough PC to run the games. That will total to around $1750 USD easily. Now a reason as to why it may be successful. That being the sales. PSVR has already sold out and no more pre orders can be done. The reason why this VR headset is more successful than its competitors is simply because it is cheaper than its competitors, in a certain light. This headset won’t require a $750+ PC, but if you have a PS4, it will run fine.



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